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We’ve all been there! We know how stressful making a wedding guest list can be. My wedding list app is the ultimate tool that helps you create your wedding list in just 4 easy steps.

Setup your event

Enter your event name, date & location. Define the type of wedding you are throwing and even assign extra administrators if you need to.

Add your Guests

Define the number of guests, tables and seats per table, and then add your guests to your list directly from your Facebook friends or by e-mail.

Assign them to a table

Select guests from your list and assign them to a table. You can also switch them to other tables, so you can play around until you get the perfect seating chart.

Export the List

Export your wedding list, print it or send it by e-mail.

Bringing people together with love!

With My Wedding List App you can create your wedding guest list in the blink of an eye.

It´s Free!

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